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Lesson Planning | PSK4U: Introduction to Kinesiology

I always knew I wanted to go into Kinesiology. It was first introduced to me through my high school's Exceptional Athletes Program. I loved learning about the human body--its capacity for both movement and resilience. It wasn't until my second last year of my 6 year undergrad that I discovered kinesiology through a sociology lens--how our bodies and the bodies of others interact to oppress and liberate our beings both in the physical and metaphysical sense.

I learned that it was important to understand things as they operate within a system; not in isolation. Not unlike the body, multiple systems co-exist within society; directly and indirectly affecting our individual lived-experiences. My colleague and I designed this lesson to provide context to sports, kinesiology, and physical activity in order to provide the entire picture. Like the skeletal system without the muscular system, like the muscular system without the nervous and circulatory system; learning concepts (sports, kinesiology, and physical activity) within a vacuum fails to acknowledge the complexities necessary to understand the intersectionality of the system (how society perpetuates racism, sexism, classism).

PSK4U Lesson Plan
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