• Alyssa McQuaid

Developing A Focus Course | PAF2O: Empowerment in the Weight Room

The weight room puts your vulnerabilities on display for all to see. Working out in front of other people, whether you are a novice or experienced exerciser, can be nerve-wracking; and in some cases anxiety inducing. A breading group for toxic masculinity, the weight room is a metaphor for society and the MANY systems that perpetuate ideal femininity, sexism, homophobia, islamophobia, racism, and classism. With hope for creating safe, inclusive space for these otherwise marginalized groups, "Empowerment in the Weight Room" seeks to help high school students find their confidence and passion for weight training.

Designed through the lens of my lived experiences as a Black-biracial woman moving through the heteronormative spaces of Kinesiology and Fitness, I knew the only way to create a welcoming and diverse space for all members of society was to rebuild from the ground up. By providing young people the space to enjoy the experience and benefits of weight training--as well as other forms of exercise-- brings, they are able to grow to be and live as their true authentic selves.

PAF10: Empowerment in the Weight Room
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